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Queensland Advocacy Incorporated - Mental Health Legal Service

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Advice and casework services for people who are receiving involuntary treatment for mental illness under the Mental Health Act 2000 (Qld), particularly matters coming up for hearing before the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Friends and family of mental health consumer will only be assisted in exceptional circumstances.

Statewide service. Please call first to find out service availability.

Gives advice and advocacy in respect of:

  • Involuntary Treatment Orders
  • Forensic orders
  • Limited Community Treatment
  • Fitness for Trial Reviews
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
  • Approval for Involuntary patient to move out of Queensland
  • Confidentiality Orders
  • Exclusion of visitor appeals
  • Seclusion and restraint

The service may:

  • Provide one-off legal advice on a client's rights and obligations under the Mental Health Act 2000 (Qld)
  • Assist a client in preparing submissions for use by the client in the conduct of his or her own matter
  • Prepare a brief so that the matter may be referred for further legal advice, support or representation
  • Appear before the Mental Health Review Tribunal on behalf of the client.