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Queensland Building and Construction Commission - Brisbane

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Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is a statutory authority established to regulate the building industry.

QBCC's objectives are to:

  • Regulate the building industry
  • Ensure the maintenance of proper standards in the industry
  • Achieve a reasonable balance between the interests of building contractors and consumers
  • Provide remedies for defective building work
  • Provide for the efficient resolution of building disputes
  • Provide support, education and advice for homeowners and those undertaking building work.


QBCC assists consumers and contractors in disputes over the technical standard of building work through the provision of a resolution service based on expert technical determination.


QBCC provides licensing services for builders, designers, trade contractors, fire protection occupational licence holders and owner builders.

Primary functions include:

  • Assessing and determining individual, company and mutual recognition licence applications
  • Issuing annual licence renewal notices
  • Maintaining and updating licensee database
  • Ensuring compliance with licensing legislation
  • Issuing owner builder permits
  • Providing a public licensee search facility