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Sisters Inside

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Sisters Inside responds to criminalised women and girls' needs holistically and justly. They also advocate on behalf of women with governments and within the legal system to try to achieve fairer outcomes for criminalised women, girls and their children.

Sexual Assault Counselling Service

Sisters Inside have two full time sexual assault counsellors in Brisbane dedicated to working with the women in all women’s prisons in South East Queensland. This program is highly successful and over 3,500 women have accessed this counselling.

Health Support Program

The Health Support Program offers personalised support to improve the health and wellbeing of criminalised women and their children. This program provides referral to health and drug and alcohol services and practitioners as well as support with social wellbeing and healthy living (e.g. assistance with housing, employment, income support etc). This program prioritises supporting women to overcome the trauma of imprisonment in the first month after their release.

The Program has Health Support Workers in Brisbane (covering South East Queensland) and in Townsville (who also provide outreach services to North, Central and Far North Queensland).

Mental health support

The Day2Day Living (D2DL) Program in Brisbane offers support in all aspects of women’s lives including individual and family support and referral to services they need (e.g. housing, counselling, income support).

Supreme Court Bail program

Sisters Inside has a Supreme Court Bail Support Worker in both Brisbane and Townsville. These workers go into the prisons and interview women to assess their eligibility for Supreme Court Bail. Eligible women are supported to make application to the court. Other Sisters Inside workers assist the woman to make arrangements to apply for bail (e.g. housing) and offer support following release.

Work Pathways Program

The Work Pathways Program Worker supports individual women in Brisbane to find employment, education or training.

Last updated 2 June 2019