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Tenants Queensland

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Tenants Queensland is a specialist community legal centre assisting Queensland residential renters. Tenants Queensland is funded through the Community Legal Centres Program for its legal practice work and also runs the Queensland Statewide Tenant Advice and Referral Service (QSTARS) throughout the state.

TQ can assist you with:
  • Advice and assistance to understand your tenancy rights and responsibilities
  • Support to resolve your tenancy issue
  • Advocacy support to talk to your lessor or agent
  • Help to write a letter or fill in tenancy forms
  • Help to attend or prepare for a QCAT tenancy tribunal hearing
  • Referral to other services if needed
  • TQ has a limited capacity to provide legal casework in complex tenancy matters.
Who TQ can assist:
  • Residential tenants, rooming residents, boarders and prospective renters
  • Advice if you are having a tenancy dispute with your lessor, agent or provider
  • Advice if you are renting in private rental (from an agent or private lessor), in social housing (in public or community housing) or renting in a caravan park or boarding house.
Who TQ cannot assist:
  • lessors, agents or organisations that provide housing
  • head-tenants in dispute with people they rent to. If a head tenant rents rooms to other tenants the head-tenant is acting as a lessor.
  • disputes in relation to neighbourhood issues, these are not covered by tenancy law.

Factsheets and information about residential tenancy is available on the Tenants Queensland website and the  QSTARS website.

Last updated 14 July 2019