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Free & confidential legal advice, help & referrals for young people under 25

Previously named the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre and known as Lawstuff, Youth Law Australia is Australia’s only national, technology-based community legal service. Youth Law Australia is a community legal service that is dedicated to helping children and young people in Australia and their supporters to find a legal solution to their problems.

Anyone under 25 (and their advocate) can request and receive free and confidential legal advice through the Service's innovative online service that is available 24/7. 

Legal topics

  • Cars and driving
  • Courts, police and the law
  • At home, parents and family
  • Employment: find out about your work rights
  • Getting official documents (eg. passports)
  • Health, love and sex
  • Internet, phones and technology
  • Money, tax and welfare
  • School: bullying, school rules, leaving school
  • Violence and harm: child and/or sexual abuse, domestic violence, discrimination
  • Public transport
  • Teen issues eg: drinking, drugs, partying, graffiti, tattoos, piercings.