Legal problems we can help with

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    Depending on your situation and the details of your legal problem, we may be able to help you with:

    Relationships and children

    Criminal justice

    Cars and driving

    Work and money

    Personal rights and safety

    Legal problems we can’t help with:

    • Company, business, club or association legal issues
    • Employment contracts/ workplace agreements
    • Commercial transactions or dealings with real estate
    • Tenancy issues
    • Will making/powers of attorney
    • Shares and investments
    • Personal injuries (but the Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme may be able to help)
    • Taxation and superannuation
    • Worker’s compensation
    • Planning and environmental law
    • Local government issues eg noise, fences, animals
    • COVID 19 restrictions or requirements

    Who else can help

    If we can't help with your legal problem the following organisations may be able to help. Fees may apply.

    Further information

    Last updated 9 January 2023