First Nations Strategic Plan 2023-25

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    "I wish to acknowledge the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the criminal justice and corrections systems, and in domestic and family violence cases that come before the courts in Queensland. I also acknowledge the over-representation of First Nations children and young people in the youth justice and child protection systems, and in the suspension and exclusion numbers in Queensland’s education system. Legal Aid Queensland as an organisation, and everyone who works at Legal Aid Queensland, is accountable for the work we do across the vast state of Queensland to ensure the safety and wellbeing of First Nations peoples and to protect their legal and human rights". 
    - Nicky Davies, chief executive officer

    The First Nations Strategic Plan 2023-25 outlines LAQ’s vision to deliver client centred and culturally appropriate services that enhance First Nations peoples’ access to justice.

    Our purpose

    • Contribute towards reducing disadvantage and over-representation of First Nations peoples in the justice system
    • Guide the ongoing development of Legal Aid Queensland’s cultural capability in providing best practice legal services to meet the needs of First Nations peoples
    • Ensure a strong First Nations workforce is developed and maintained at Legal Aid Queensland

    Our values

    Human rights

    We ensure the cultural rights of First Nations people are applied in our work.

    Truth telling

    We will be honest about our shared history and acknowledge the impacts of this on First Nations peoples as we work to build a better future.


    We acknowledge and respect First Nations peoples’ connection to country, traditional values, cultural practices, language and spiritual identity.


    We will maintain our drive to be a Centre of Excellence, sharing our considerable experience in criminal, family and civil law with the legal and community service delivery sectors, as well as with the broader public.


    We will be united in addressing over-representation and disadvantage of First Nations peoples in the justice system.

    Key focus areas

    Client centred

    Placing First Nations clients and their specific and unique needs at the heart of everything we do, by listening, understanding and responding positively and proactively.


    Developing our cultural capability to ensure our environment and delivery of services are of a high quality and culturally appropriate. We use cultural ways of thinking and doing to enhance the quality of our work and outcomes for First Nations peoples.


    Building our capacity to respond to the legal needs of First Nations peoples though Community Legal Education, Legal Reform, enhanced services and sharing of information resources.


    Working together in new ways to deliver real change and outcomes for First Nations people through stakeholder engagement and collaborative partnerships.

    Our First Nations Strategy aligns with the following plans:

    • National Strategic Framework for Legal Assistance
    • National Legal Assistance Partnership Agreement 2020–25
    • Queensland Legal Assistance Strategy 2020–25
    • Queensland Legal Assistance Action Plan
    • National Agreement on Closing the Gap
    • Legal Aid Queensland Strategic Plan 2022–26

    Last updated 17 July 2023