Clause Code : EXPQ

Expensive case grant additional preparation for King's counsel

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

This matter has been deemed an expensive case. An extension has been approved to enable $$ hours preparation for King's counsel. The maximum costs payable on this grant are limited in accordance with the attached proforma invoice. Please note that it is a condition of this grant of aid that an 'Expensive case preparation details claim' form be provided to this office where your involvement in this matter finalises due to a plea or transfer of aid prior to commencement of trial. The fees approved under this grant of aid replace the standard grants of aid previously issued. (EXPQ)

Explanatory Notes

The delegation to issue this clause code lies with a senior grants officer.


Fee Structure 1

Barristers Fee Structure 1
Work Type Fee
Barrister Preparation $336.00
Total $336.00