Clause Code : L14

Federal Court institute or defend proceedings

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Institute or defend proceedings in the Federal Court including all pleadings and discovery and interrogatories. Claims can be made up to the maximum fees in accordance with the attached proforma account. Reasonable outlays will be paid. Production of vouchers is required for the payment of all outlays. The maximum fee payable on this invoice for disbursements is $500.00.

Client clause wording

Be represented in Federal Court proceedings.


Fee Structure 1

Solicitors Fee Structure 1
Work Type Fee
All Work On Clause $3,561.00
Total $3,561.00


Fee Structure 1

Barristers Fee Structure 1
Work Type Fee
Barrister Conferences $223.30
Fee On Brief $737.00
Total $960.30


Work Type Fee
Total disbursements $500.00