Preferred supplier update — February 2023

This month:

Drug and Alcohol Diversion Program

In August 2022, Referral and Support Services rolled out the re-branded Drug and Alcohol Diversion Program (DADP) assessment form and fact sheet as part of a promotions strategy to change the appearance and simplify the referral process to their existing Court Diversion Program (CDP) and the Drug and Alcohol Assessment Referral Program (DAAR).

Referral and Support Services received some positive feedback and suggestions in relation to these documents and they are excited to now release the updated factsheet that has clearer definitions around eligibility and offences. The new fact sheet, as well as the referral form can be found here along with further information about the program.

If you would like further information on the program, Referral and Support Services are able to provide stakeholder sessions on the programs. Their office can be contacted on 3739 7100 to discuss.

New criminal law duty lawyer resources

We are pleased to introduce a new web page containing changes to the Duty lawyer agent request process. This new resource will enable practitioners to send their agency request forms directly to the law firm rostered to provide criminal law duty lawyer services in any Magistrates Court and Childrens Court in Queensland on any given day. Removing the middle step of sending the forms to either the court or the local Legal Aid Queensland office will improve efficiency and reduce the number of occasions the agency request forms don’t get to the duty lawyer on the day.

What has changed:

New process to request duty lawyers to act as agents.

Practitioners should use the flowchart to decide if the matter is one where a duty lawyer can appear in line with a duty lawyer agency request.

After determining that the duty lawyer can appear as an agent. This webpage provides details of the courts where duty lawyer services are available, and where to direct your Duty lawyer agency request form.

Practitioners can find details of the courts where duty lawyer services are available, and where to direct your Duty Lawyer Agency Request form.

Firms are now required to send the Duty lawyer agent request form directly to the rostered law firm/practitioner for the required criminal law duty lawyer service court location.

Completed Duty lawyer agent request forms are to be emailed directly to the relevant duty lawyers or firms or relevant Legal Aid Queensland office by 4pm the day before an appearance.

The Criminal law duty lawyer service locations link will assist to find details of every Magistrates and Childrens Court in Queensland where duty lawyer services are available. It contains contact details of the service providers at each court. Courts with more than 1 service provider will include a duty lawyer roster for the current quarter, advising which service provider will be appearing on the desired callover date.

**Note: The “Criminal law duty lawyer service locations” webpage replaces the existing “Magistrates & Childrens Court - Contact & Service Status” spreadsheet.

Please contact Duty Lawyer Services at or call John Dean on 07 3917 0404 if you have any questions or concerns.

Publications and resources

LAQ produces more than 100 publications and resources, from factsheets, to posters, brochures, wallet cards and comprehensive legal information guides on a range of topics. You can check out the publications on the LAQ website and they can be ordered online at no cost.

For more information about our publications or to order copies of the duty lawyer session report form, email

Continuing professional development

Looking for professional development opportunities to boost your CPD points? Our CPD seminars are recorded and available on Grants Online under the Information Resources tab.


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