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Clause Code : CINT

Additional preparation where interpreter engaged Criminal Law matters only

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Aid approved for additional preparation where an accredited interpreter has been engaged for the purposes of interviewing your client in a criminal law matter. The fee on this grant is a fixed fee irrespective of the number of attendances on your client for this stage of the proceedings. A proforma invoice is attached. (CINT)

Client clause wording

Aid has been approved as a result of your solicitor requesting more funding in relation to your matter

Explanatory notes

This is an automatic grant of aid which should issue at each stage of proceedings (eg one at committal and one at the higher court stage) where an interpreter has been approved regardless of whether or not it is requested by the practitioner.


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
Preparation $172.50
Total $172.50
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