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Clause Code : IC2A

ICL representation up to trial directions

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Legal aid has been granted for the Independent Children’s Lawyer to represent the interests of the child/children up to trial directions. Aid for this stage is granted in two parts. This grant is issued in conjunction with IC2D. This is a maximum fee grant of aid. Claims can be made for actual time spent up to the maximum of 8 hours professional fees. Grants of legal assistance in family law matters are provided in stages. This stage allows: - Communication and negotiation with the parties - Preparing: - any court documentation - any affidavit material - a notice of risk of abuse (if appropriate) - a notice of request to inspect material - for court attendance - consent orders (if appropriate) - Perusing: - material filed by the parties - any family or medical reports - Inspecting documents at Court which have issued by way of subpoena - Engaging and instructing report writers or other experts - Meeting with the child/children, including to explain any orders made - Filing documents - Attendance at three court appearances

Explanatory notes

Practitioners must claim for the actual time spent on a matter, up to the maximum allowable.
Meeting with children
Practitioners may only claim for the actual time spent meeting the children, up to the maximum allowable by the grant of aid.


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
All Work On Clause $1,120.00
Total $1,120.00
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