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Clause Code : IC2D

ICL representation up to trial directions

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Legal aid has been granted for the Independent Children’s Lawyer to represent the interests of the child/children up to trial directions. Aid for this stage is granted in two parts. This grant is issued in conjunction with IC2A. This is a maximum fee grant of aid. Claims can be made for actual time spent up to the maximum of 7 hours professional fees plus disbursements. Grants of legal assistance in family law matters are provided in stages. This stage allows: - Communication and negotiation with the parties - Preparing: - any court documentation - any affidavit material - a notice of risk of abuse (if appropriate) - a notice of request to inspect material - for court attendance - consent orders (if appropriate) - Perusing: - material filed by the parties - any family or medical reports - Inspecting documents at Court which have issued by way of subpoena - Engaging and instructing report writers or other experts - Meeting and explaining orders made to child or children - Filing documents The maximum fee payable on this invoice for disbursements is $100.00.

Explanatory notes

Practitioners must claim for the actual time spent on a matter, up to the maximum allowable.
Meeting with children
Practitioners may only claim for the actual time spent meeting the children, up to the maximum allowable by the grant of aid.
Practitioners may claim actual expenses as it relates to photocopying, phone calls, faxes and stamps.
Specific disbursements such as subpoena fees and expert reports are subject to separate grants of aid (request separately).


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
All Work On Clause $980.00
Total $980.00


Work type Fee
Total disbursements $100.00
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