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Clause Code : XN14

Representation at a court ordered family dispute resolution conference - Cross-Examination Scheme

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Aid is approved to represent your client at a family dispute resolution conference ordered and convened by the courts (Solicitor Only). This is a maximum fee grant of aid. Claims can be made for actual time spent up to the maximum. This funding is inclusive of preparation for and attendance at conference, preparation of consent orders if required, and writing to your client confirming the outcome and any further options available.

Client clause wording

Legal aid has been granted for you to be represented at a court-based family dispute resolution conference. This is in addition to any current funding approved through the Cross-Examination Scheme. This funding allows for your solicitor to take your instructions, attend the dispute resolution conference, prepare consent orders (if consent orders are reached) and write to you confirming the outcome and any further options available. The maximum fee Legal Aid will pay your lawyer for this stage is $700.00 plus disbursements of $25.00.


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
Conference $700.00
Total $700.00


Work type Fee
Total disbursements $25.00
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