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    Natural disaster legal helpline 1300 527 700

    We can help if you’ve been affected by a bushfire, cyclone, storm, flood or other severe weather or natural disaster.

    Call our natural disaster legal help line on 1300 527 700 to get help with issues you may face when your property has been damaged by a natural disaster or severe weather.

    We also have factsheets and guides available giving you information about making an insurance claim after a natural disaster or severe weather.

    Law for all podcast series

    Episode 3: Dealing with insurance and damage when a natural disaster hits

    In this episode, Legal Aid Queensland's consumer advocate and Principal Lawyer Paul Homes discusses what to do if your home or property has been damaged, how to avoid hustlers, and how to go about dealing with the insurance side of clean-up.

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    Cyclones, floods and storms

    When disaster strikes - cyclones, storms and floods Our When disaster strikes—cyclones, storms and floods guide helps Queenslanders with their insurance claims after a storm, cyclone or flood. It gives information on home building and contents insurance policies. It doesn’t give information on other types of insurance such as motor vehicle insurance policies.

    Please note: this publication is only available online.

    Legal information factsheets

    Note: Some of these publications are currently being updated.

    If you need advice about your insurance claim, call our natural disaster legal help line on 1300 527 700.


    Property (including rentals and tenancy)

    Services and utilities


    Debt and financial problems


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    Last updated 2 May 2023