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Clause Code : APV

Prison visit (ATSILS)

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Aid approved for counsel to attend on the client in prison or other place of confinement (not a watch house). The fee on this grant of aid is a fixed fee irrespective of the number of visits made in accordance with the attached proforma invoice. Please forward the enclosed proforma invoice to the barrister with the brief. (APV)

Client clause wording

Aid has been approved as a result of your solicitor requesting more funding in relation to your matter.

Explanatory notes

A decision to refuse a request for a prison visit may be appealed to a senior grants officer.

The prison visit fee is not available where the attendance on the defendant is in the court/police cells or via video-link.

The prison visit fee is designed to compensate the practitioner for the time spent travelling to the prison and for managing the administrative arrangements associated with the prison visit. The actual conference time is covered in the base preparation fee for the case.

When conducting a prison visit an articled clerk is paid at 50% of the solicitor’s rates.


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
Barrister Prison Visit $185.10
Total $185.10
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