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Clause Code : L6

District Court prepare for hearing

Clause type: Approval

Solicitor clause wording

Prepare for District Court trial including conferences and conduct/instruct hearing (Day1) and obtain judgment. This is a maximum fee grant of aid (including agent's fees). Counsel's fees are payable in accordance with the scale. Claims can be made up to the maximum fees in accordance with the attached proforma account. No further details are required. The maximum fee payable on this invoice for disbursements is $500.00.

Client clause wording

Be represented at District Court trial.


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
All Work On Clause $1,725.00
Total $1,725.00


Fee Structure 1

Work type Fee
Barrister All Work On Clause $1,798.60
Total $1,798.60


Work type Fee
Total disbursements $500.00
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