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Domestic and family violence

Title Type
Our legal system ... Information for women Brochure
Our legal system ... Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women Brochure
What are my rights if ... I want to separate from my partner? Brochure
What are my legal rights if ... I want to separate from my partner? for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women Brochure
Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service/Application Assistance Program Brochure
Domestic Violence Protection Order—information for applicants Poster
Domestic Violence Protection Order—information for respondents Poster
Domestic Violence wallet card—protect yourself—abuse is wrong! Wallet card
Someone has applied for a domestic violence protection order against me. What are my legal options? Factsheet
How do I get a domestic violence protection order? Factsheet
How to apply for a domestic violence order Legal information guide
2012 Law Week Hypothetical DVD Video

Relationships and children

Title Type
Need help to sort out a family law problem?
How will an independent children’s lawyer help my child?
How will a separate representative help my child in their child protection matter? Factsheet
Is a family report being prepared for your family law matter? Factsheet
Having trouble dividing your property after a separation or divorce? Factsheet
Do you have questions about a social assessment report? Factsheet
Organising child support and care arrangements for your children Factsheet
Child support, Family Tax Benefit and your child care levels Factsheet
Having a grandchild in your care Factsheet
Child protection and the Childrens Court Factsheet
Having your say in the Childrens Court for young people in care Factsheet
What to expect when you go to the Childrens Court Factsheet
What are your rights while in care? Factsheet
Deciding whether you should help with supervision Factsheet
What happens when your parents go to court? Factsheet
What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer? Factsheet
Consent orders, parenting orders and parenting plans—A guide to preparing a written agreement with your ex-partner about arrangements for your children Legal information guide
You and family law - a short guide Legal information guide
Life after separation DVD Video
When separating videos Video

Criminal justice

Title Type
Have you been charged with an offence?—A guide to appearing in the Magistrates Court
Legal information guide
Self-represented appeals a guide to appealing a conviction or sentence Legal information guide
Bail by mail—A guide to applying for bail or varying bail if you have been charged with a crime in Queensland Legal information guide
Cyber bullying, sexting and Facebook—A guide to using social media safely to prevent cyber bullying and sexting, and where to get help Legal information guide
2011 Law Week Hypothetical DVD—you be the judge #5 Video
Are you in prison and need legal help? Factsheet

Cars and driving

Title Type
Have you been in an accident?—A guide to help you work out who pays for the damage
Legal information guide
Are you going to lose your driver licence?—A guide to help you apply for a work licence or special hardship order Legal information guide
Has your licence been disqualified for more than two years?—A guide to help you apply to remove your licence disqualification Legal information guide
Buying a used car from a motor dealer: your legal rights Legal information guide

Work and money

Title Type
Free legal help for war veterans - The War Veterans’ Legal Aid Scheme
Need legal help with your money and debt problems? Factsheet
Need help getting an insurance claim paid? Factsheet
The Farm & Rural Legal Service Factsheet
Bushfires and insurance claims Factsheet
When disaster strikes - cyclones, storms and floods—A guide to getting your insurance claim paid Legal information guide
Does someone owe you money?—A guide to help you claim a minor debt of $25,000 or less Legal information guide
Consumer and trader disputes guide Legal information guide
Dealing with door-to-door sales - 'Do not knock' campaign Video

Personal rights and safety

Title Type
Personal injury self help kit Self help kit
Personal injury self help kit Website

About Legal Aid Queensland

Title Type
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders Poster
Looking for legal help? Poster
Young people Poster
Indigenous wallet card—your legal rights Wallet card
Legal Aid Queensland wallet card Wallet card
Youth wallet card Wallet card
Can I get legal aid? Factsheet
Means Test: Special circumstances guidelines Factsheet
Need legal help? Factsheet
Need legal help? (Indigenous Queenslanders) Factsheet

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Title Type
Multilingual—need help? Ask Legal Aid Queensland Poster

Need legal help? Ask Legal Aid Queensland


Our legal system


What are my rights if?


Information for new arrivals to Queensland

Title Type
What's the law? Australian law for new arrivals Video

Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme (CLLAS)

Title Type
Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme (CLLAS)—a client's guide Brochure
Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme—A solicitor's guide Brochure



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