Our finances

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial management

Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ) applies contemporary financial practices commensurate with a statutory authority accountable to the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice.

More specifically, LAQ must ensure that:

  • compliance with statutory and other financial obligations is maintained
  • financial risks are effectively managed and recorded
  • preferred supplier agreements are in place for all matters referred to private practitioners
  • contributions levied on clients are accurately assessed, recorded and collected
  • expenditure and payments are properly authorised
  • procurement practices are consistent with government expectations
  • costs are fairly distributed to state and federal programs
  • assets are appropriately identified and recorded and are adequately controlled and safeguarded
  • liabilities are appropriately authorised and only incurred for authorised purposes
  • sufficient current assets are maintained to cover current liabilities
  • all taxation obligations are met
  • statutory reporting is completed in an accurate and timely manner and is facilitated by a robust audit trail.

Last updated 21 April 2022