Allocating a solicitor to an interstate client

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    Interstate applicants for aid who have met guidelines for assessing interstate applications for grants of legal assistance (forum test) in addition to all other relevant policies and guidelines will be eligible for a grant of legal assistance.


    There is no solicitor of choice in any area of law, this principle also applies to interstate clients.

    Allocation of a solicitor

    Legal Aid Queensland has a number of preferred suppliers on our panels that are interstate.

    If it is determined that an interstate applicant meets all the relevant policies and guidelines Legal Aid Queensland will conduct a panel search, if there is a practitioner on the appropriate Legal Aid Queensland panel close to where the applicant lives the matter will be allocated to that firm.

    If there is no practitioner on the appropriate Legal Aid Queensland preferred supplier panel close to where the applicant lives, Legal Aid Queensland will appoint a Queensland preferred supplier who will engage an agent close to where the applicant lives if this is required.

    Grant(s) of aid

    If aid is approved to a Queensland preferred supplier and the applicant lives interstate the AGN grant of aid will be issued in addition to the grant(s) of aid appropriate to the matter type.

    Code Short description
    AGN Interstate client

    Review of decisions

    There is no right of appeal to the external review officer against a decision to provide aid on the condition that a matter will be conducted by an in-house legal practitioner or by a specified legal practitioner nominated by Legal Aid Queensland.

    Last updated 14 March 2016