Travel for clients in order to give effect to a recovery order

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    For legal aid to be granted for a client’s travel and accommodation expenses the following tests must be satisfied:

    • the applicant has been provided aid for a recovery order, and
    • the client is required to travel in order to give effect to the recovery order, and
    • the client has exhausted all other potential funding sources , and
    • travel is undertaken in the most economic manner possible, and
    • the matter meets the merits test.

    Requests for interstate travel are referred to the Assistant Director Grants for determination.

    Requests for international travel are determined by the CEO.


    Practitioners seeking an extension of aid should electronically submit an extension for aid request via the Grants Online system along with details of the client’s financial circumstances and a quote for the required travel and accommodation expenses prior to incurring the costs.


    The most economical manner

    For the purpose of this guideline Legal Aid Queensland regards the most economic manner as, the cheapest available train, bus or airfare, which allows for flexibility, if required. In no circumstances will aid be approved for more than economy class travel.

    Legal Aid Queensland expects practitioners to book travel arrangements at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Grant(s) of aid

    The grant of aid for travel expenses is FOT

    The grant of aid for overnight accommodation - capital city is ACM1

    The grant of aid for overnight accommodation - non-capital city is ACM2

    Review of decisions

    A decision to refuse legal aid for this type of matter may be appealed to the external review officer (refer to review of decisions).

    Last updated 1 July 2020