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    Legal Aid Queensland has developed partnerships with almost 400 private legal practitioners (who we refer to as preferred suppliers) located throughout Queensland.

    This state-wide network ensures demand for legal aid services is met and clients can still receive legal help despite being unable to access a local Legal Aid Queensland office.

    For a private legal practitioner to undertake legal aid work, they are required to meet certain criteria and make certain undertakings. This ensures that only practitioners who are proficient and competent are able to be assigned legal aid work.

    Preferred suppliers can:

    • help clients with their legal problem
    • advise clients on their eligibility for legal aid
    • submit an application for legal aid on behalf of a client
    • represent a client in court.

    Preferred suppliers can undertake work on our behalf provided they have met the inclusion criteria for the below areas of law:

    • general crime matters
    • youth crime matters
    • ‘life’ crime matters
    • general family law
    • independent representation of children
    • separate representation of children
    • discrimination (state and federal)
    • child protection
    • commonwealth administrative law (AAT, Federal Court and High Court)
    • domestic violence (includes peace and good behaviour matters)
    • inquests
    • proceeds of crime (state and federal)
    • war veterans (includes other defence force matters)
    • WorkCover

    To obtain the services of a preferred supplier a client can either contact the solicitor or firm of their choice directly to see if they are a Legal Aid Queensland preferred supplier,  use our find a lawyer search or call us on 1300 65 11 88 to find out about preferred suppliers in their area.

    Last updated 25 July 2019